Path Planning For Fuel-Optimal Collision-Free Formation Flying Trajectories

Capt Luke Sauter USAF & P L Palmer


Rapid collision identification and avoidance is a necessary capability for distributed implementation of path planning tools on formation flying spacecraft. This paper presents an approach for rapid collision identification, and fuel optimal trajectory shaping around collisions, while in natural motion and along reconfiguration trajectories. Collision identification and trajectory shaping is also explored with respect to multiple maneuvering craft. The Hill-Clohessy-Wiltshire relative motion dynamics are utilized. A semi-analytic approach is used which exploits a full decoupling of the equations of relative motion into phase-space. Algorithm implementation as part of on-orbit control toolbox allows for near real-time fuel-minimized collision-free maneuvers planning.


Paper: Path Planning

Ref: Sauter, L. (Capt USAF) &  Palmer, P.L., IEEE Aerospace Conf, Big Sky, Montana, USA, March 2011.


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