This blog is dedicated to improving access to the cutting edge research output of the Surrey Space Centre. The standard process for disseminating research output through conference and journal publication is a lengthy and cumbersome process. This blog aims to provide open access to our research output by sharing pre-print copies of our publications. Each article is presented in its own, individual post, and we would encourage visitors to comment and provide feedback on our work. This two-way process of sharing will provide our research staff with robust feedback on the work, complimenting reviewer feedback. In return, our visitors are able to access our latest research accomplishments,  many months before becoming accessible through journals or conference proceedings.

Situated in Guildford, UK, the Surrey Space Centre is a forms part of the Department of Electronics Engineering at the University of Surrey. Research is focused on many areas of space technology, including antenna and RF systems, astrodynamics, autonomy and AI, control systems, on-board data handling, environments and instrumentation, propulsion and robotics. Our website can be found here for further details.

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