Reachability and Optimal Phasing for Reconfiguration in near Circular Orbit Formations

P L Palmer

In this paper we consider the question of reachability for proximity manoeuvres of
satellites ying in formation. The work is based upon the optimal relocation solutions
already published and adds in a constraint upon the available thrust. This introduces
questions of reachability giving that the time for manoeuvre is pre-set.
The paper also considers transfers between relative trajectories where the timing
of when to start and complete the manoeuvre are adjustable. We show that there is
an optimal phase for a giving transfer which exploits the variation in orbital velocity
around the orbit.

Paper: Reachability

Ref: Palmer, P.L., AIAA J Guidance, Control & Dynamics, 30, No 5, pp. 1542—1546,  2007.


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